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FACEOOK AD CREATION | Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing

Facebook Ad Creation

Check out the many different types of Facebook Ads we can create for you!

We create the ad for you based on your criteria. You fund the ad with a budget that works for you. All for $149 per ad created.

Call us at 800-557-3005 for more information


► No need for a website or specific page you send someone to since you are capturing the lead within Facebook

► Easier for the prospect to submit their information to you with a fields already filled out for them

Buying a House

► The intent of the prospect for this kind of ad has a higher likelihood of needing a real estate agent. They will also need many other products and services

► These prospects can be targeted by zip code, income range and age

Real Estate Investors

► These are unique prospects as they will have a need for a real estate agent in possibly purchasing more than one property with a specific purpose of investing

► These prospects can be targeted by zip code, age and gender

Browsing Realtor.com, Zillow & Trulia

► These prospects are highly likely to be prequalified as they are actively looking for a property on listing sites

► These prospects can be targeted by zip code, age and gender

Free Home Evaluation

► Offer a free home evaluation to property owners to help fill your pipeline

► These prospects can be targeted by income, zip code, age and gender

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