Feature Matter Tags

What Are Feature Matter Tags?

They are boxes that pop up when touring through a 3D Interactive Tour. When a viewer run their cursor over a circle it activates the Matter Tag.

This tag can highlight a kitchen's granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, specific finishes, such as limestone flooring and quartz counter tops, along with hidden features, including storage areas, dumbwaiters and media closets.

Sample Matterport model showing a Mattertag Post.

Sample 3D Virtual Tour showing a Matter Tag Post.

Items that may have otherwise been overlooked are now in the forefront and the buyer can leave the tour with a much clearer vision of the home.

These include labels that can show a name for a model, a listing description and a link to the property’s location, as well as a highlights reel and guided tours that removed the need for a user to plod through a whole model to discover all of a home’s best features.

($20 Option available with any Matterport 3D Interactive Tour purchase)